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From the desk of Pastor Rev. William "Bill" Dandridge

God is All You Need

From the Desk of the Pastor


In person worship Services continue to be temporarily cancelled. We have a written plan for the church reopening which will lessen the likelihood of exposure during services. Currently the Los Angeles County guidelines call for only live streaming services or taping of services with a number of 10 or less in attendance. We will continue to monitor the situation and will make notification to members when re-opening can begin.


Holy Light Face Masks are available for $10 each. They will be available in black as well as purple. Please email the church email at if you want to order masks. Please let me know number and color. Thank You.


California Voter Registration


We continue to make improvements to our church facilities both indoor and outdoor. The church interior has been repainted. Also this week work on the repaving and striping of the church parking lot will commence. The following week modifications to the church media area will commence. We encourage members to continue to be faithful in their giving.


Census 2020 "Your Response is Crucial"


Sermon Sunday August 16, 2020

Isaiah 40:28-31

"God is All You Need"

  • In the message we look at how God is with You.

  • He is with You when you are Soaring.

  • He is with You when You are Sprinting.

  • He is with You when you are strolling.

  • Keep on praying, even when it appears that He isn’t hearing.

  • Keep on fellowshipping in church, even when it seems nothing much is happening.

  • Keep on preaching  even when it seems that God is not moving and the people aren’t listening.

  • Keep on witnessing even when it seems like no one gets saved.

  • Keep on giving, even when it gets tight financially.

  • Keep on living for Jesus, day in and day out, even when others around you fall away. Refuse to turn back or waiver from following him.

  • In His time, He will bless you and reward you for being faithful during the routine times of life. And, when He does, you will be ready to soar or sprint, because you have been faithful in your daily stroll!


Sunday School Puzzle

Lesson 11: Saul’s Attempts on David's Life (1 Samuel 19:8-17)


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