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From the desk of Pastor Rev. William "Bill" Dandridge

Standing Firmly for God

From the Desk of the Pastor

In person worship Services continue to be temporarily cancelled. We have begun to work on a plan for the church reopening which will lessen the likelihood of exposure during services. Next week we will provide some detailed information on reopening. A handout letter will be provided to all members about the status of reopening.

Please note that on the Holy Light MBC Facebook account there is a live service at 9:00am every Sunday morning.



The California State Baptist Convention will be having a virtual session on Thursday July 16th from 9am to 9pm. Please see the flyer for the outstanding speakers and lecturers.  I would like as many members of Holy Light to take part in the workshops to gather as much information on the pandemic and how it relates to the church. Please review the flyer. The workshop at 10am and 3:30 pm must be registered in individually. Registration is not required for the general sessions or panel discussions. Please let Pastor Dandridge know what individual classes you have registered for, We would like all sessions to have Holy Light representation. There is no cost to register.


Sermon Series On Winning the Battle in Dark Times

Second Sermon in Series Message Sunday June 28th

Standing Firmly for God Judges 6:25-32

In the message we will look at:

  • God’s Command

  • Gideon’s Compliance

  • Gideon’s Consequences Defeated

God is working in Gideon’s life to train him for a huge task. He is being cultivated to be used for the glory of God.

What about you?  Everything that comes our way is part of God’s training process.

If there are some idols in your life that need to be torn down. It's time to tear them down and stand firmly on God’s word.


Sunday School Lesson 4: Samson Against the Philistines (Judges 15:9-20)



I was contacted by the census specialist, please see below and if you haven’t responded please do so as it is important for our community

As I mentioned in the initial email, the response rate in the area where your church is located is below the State’s and county’s average.

We need to reach as many more households as possible so that these areas don’t miss out on their portion of the 675 billion dollars of yearly federal funding.

The response rate in your area as of 5/20/20 is only 43.4% (Final 2010 Self-Response was 56.2%) while the national average is 59.8% (74%), California 61% (68.2%), LA County 56.2% (69%), LA City is 49.6% (68%). 

That’s why we need your help as a Census partner to encourage your community members to self-respond to 2020 Census.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to remind your members of multiple ways to self-respond to 2020 Census.

There are three ways that people can participate in the Census :

  • Online at

  • Toll-free number

  • English, 844.330.2020

  • Spanish, 844.468.2020

  • Other language lines are available.

  • Return paper questionnaire (a small number of households will receive a paper form)  


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