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From the desk of Pastor Rev. William "Bill" Dandridge

Thanksgiving Newsletter

From the Desk of the Pastor


In person worship Services continue to be temporarily cancelled. The church is looking forward to moving forward with a plan in the new- year with a coordination of the incoming president and health professionals in implementing a plan and providing real time information where the church can once again have in-person worship services. Please Remember this. The church never closes and we are thankful and will continue streaming of services during this period.

Please note that on the Holy Light MBC Facebook account there is a live service at 9:00am every Sunday morning. The recording of the services are on the Holy Light face book page as well as the Holy Light website


Sunday Service: Nov 22, 2020


Sunday Service: Nov 18, 2020


Continue to pray for our nation, state and city and for the hearts of those to change their positions of authority in law enforcement. We also pray for our President-Elect and Vice President-Elect as they ready themselves to take on a big challenge in our nation.


Christ Second Baptist Church "Pre-Thanksgiving Service"

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 (7:00pm) Tune-in:

On Wednesday night there will be an online service ( that is presented by Christ Second Baptist Church pastored by Welton Pleasant II. The message is being brought by Pastor John Adolph, Antioch MBC in Beaumont, Texas. He has been our district revivalist for many years. We thank Pastor Pleasant for including us.


Gift Cards Available for Families In-need

Gift cards are available for families in-need. If you know someone, please forward this information. Please contact Minister Roger Williams for either $600 or $900 gift cards depending on family size. Please contact Minister Roger Williams at (747) 226-3266. He is only taking referrals so you must say you were referred by Deacon David Moore of West Angeles. There will be some basic questions to answer to get confirmed. Once confirmed card would be delivered in 7-10 days. We thank Brother Darius Crockett for providing this program information.


Member Appreciation Day

Sunday, December 6, 2020 (10:30am-12:30pm) at Church Parking Lot

On the first Sunday December 6th, we will be serving communion in the church parking lot from 10:30am to 12:30pm. The pastor and wife will also be providing catered enchilada "Grab & Go" meals to members on that Sunday (Beef and Chicken Enchiladas Rice, Beans and Salad) drink and dessert. We look forward to next year having our Member Appreciation get together.


Church Improvements

Church Improvements Continue. Meetings are in progress for new flooring in the vestibule / lobby and fellowship hall and for new light fixtures in the fellowship hall. We thank you for your continued support of the ministry during this time.

New Light Fixtures in Fellowship Hall


Thanksgiving Baskets

"I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving." - Psalm 69:30

Our Mission Ministry is providing Thanksgiving baskets to our members who were suggested. We thank Sister Klotonya Hamilton and Rosemary Ellis for working on this mission project.


Please consider donations to the Los Angeles Resource Food Bank

Hunger has many faces! $25 = 100 meals

Community support enables the Food Bank to serve more than 300,000 people every month. Approximately one-quarter of our food goes to children, and roughly one-fifth ends up in the hands of older adults. It is estimated that only 10% of our food goes to the homeless, but this is an important population for us. The majority of our food goes to low-income families and individuals who sometimes struggle to make ends meet in this expensive location that we all call home. We plan to give a church donation from our Mission in December and if you want to give a donation to the church we will add to our church donation.


Sermon Sunday

November 22, 2020

Acts 27: 21-31

The Four Anchors You Need in the Storm

  • The Presence of God

  • The Promises of God

  • The Providence of God

  • The Performance of God



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