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Holy Light Missionary Baptist Church 

Re-Opening Plan

Preventive Guidelines

A Message from Pastor Dandridge

July 3, 2020


The last time that Holy Light Missionary Baptist Church had an on-site in-person worship service was Sunday March 15, 2020.  Due to the spread of COVID-19 and CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive “stay-at-home order” issued on March 19, 2020, we suspended all services and weekly meetings immediately.  On May 25, 2020, the California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH) announced that places of worship have permission to open statewide.

At this point we had a church council meeting on Saturday June 13th to discuss preparations necessary for the “HLMBC Safe Preventive “Re-opening plan” with the sole purpose of keeping the membership/visitors safe and healthy during these unprecedented times and is specific to our sanctuary building.  Despite the CDPH saying that houses of worship have permission to open, it is not mandatory that we do so. It is incumbent upon us to have preventive measures in place before any re-opening takes place. 


Also as this is written today cases of the virus are at a peak in Los Angeles County.   Wisdom and the Word of God will govern the decision as to how and when Holy Light MBC re-opens.  Once a re-opening date is determined it will be communicated to the members through group phone messages, live service announcements, email and weekly online available newsletters.

PSALMS 37:23 - The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.


All in-person worship and activities will remain suspended until we begin Phase 1 of the re-opening plan.


The church facility and all buildings will remain closed.

  • We will continue to live stream our Sunday worship services on the Holy Light Facebook account at 9am.

  • We will make plans starting in July to have a Bible Study/Prayer Service on teleconference calls

  • Holy Light services are available on video . Newsletters are also available on the website under the blog which has weekly updated announcements.

  • We will continue our “drive thru” Communion Services on First Sunday from 10am to 12pm each month. This consists of distributing pre-packaged communion, receiving tithes and offering and distributing tithes and offering envelopes.

  • Giving will continue by mail, dropping it off at the church or electronically.


An assessment will be made using the CPDH guidelines, medical/scientific facts and God’s wisdom prior to entering Phase 1 of reopening.

Phase One:

  • We will carefully and safely begin to ease back into gathering inside the sanctuary building for worship during Phase One.  A thorough cleaning and disinfection of the church building will be done prior to re-opening following the CDPH cleaning protocols. COVID 19 signage and health reminders will be posted in appropriate places inside the church building.

  • Per guidance from the CDPH, places of worship must limit attendance to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees whichever is lower. Based on our capacity the 25% would apply. During this phase our live stream of the service will continue.

  • If anyone is experiencing any symptoms (includes cough, fever, chills, fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle or body aches) PLEASE STAY HOME. Those with underlying conditions or immune systems that are compromised are also encouraged to stay home until further notice. Essentially we are relying on each person to be accountable and responsible for their own decision based on any mitigating conditions that may prevent you from attending.

  • The fellowship hall area will be available for overflow to view services on the monitor

  • Anyone entering the building will be required to wear a face covering. Participants can wear their personal face coverings.  

  • Participants will be encouraged to maintain physical distancing of at least six feet apart. This guidance does not apply to family members of the same household

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available

  • Non-contact temperature will be taken upon entry

  • Restroom access should also include safe distancing by access

  • There will be no passing of the offering plate. We will have one offering where members will walk around and place their offering in the tray or tithes in the box.

  • Doors will be open for entering and exiting the sanctuary

  • Communion will be distributed to those attending service. For those not attending we will allow time after service for drive thru communion pickup to continue until 1:00pm

Please note that once Phase One reopening begins we will regularly evaluate our place of worship for compliance to the plan. The plan is to get us thinking, planning and moving in the right direction. The plan may likely require adjustments. We will balance our Biblical mandate to gather with submitting to government authorities and safety of everyone as we resume gathering together. While those who are most vulnerable to the virus may need to limit their interaction more than others, we will not forget you as we move forward. The key to returning to what we know as normal worship service will depend on how faithful we are in adhering to the guidelines in this plan.

Preventive Guidelines:


Healthy Hygiene Practices & Guidelines

  • Wash your hands frequently especially after contact with surfaces

  • If water is unavailable use had sanitizers. Sanitizer will be placed in the vestibule/lobby and other areas in the church

  • Drinking water fountains will be turned off but we will have water bottles Available


Church Cleaning Practices

  • Entire Church will be Cleaned Prior to Worship

  • Pulpit, podiums, tables and stands will be sanitized

  • PEWS will be steamed and Sanitized prior to each Service

  • Microphones will be disinfected including hand held mikes prior to each Service

  • Separate Microphone covers will be used by each user.

  • Musical instruments will be sanitized

  • Bibles and hymnals will be removed from the back of pews because of the difficulty to sanitize and disinfect

  • Bulletins will not be distributed


Admission to Sanctuary

Members/Visitors will be required to do the following:

  • Wear face Covering

  • Complete a Short Survey of two questions. (no entry with a negative response to either question)

  • Be Screened for Non-Contact Temperature Check at designated door entrances (screeners will wear disposable face covering and gloves)

If temperature is deemed. A temperature of 100.4 is considered a fever. At that temperature or above there can be no entry to safeguard others.

  • Congregants/Visitors should go directly to their seats escorted by the Ushers

  • Bulletins will not be available. Announcements will be communicated through Pastor/media

Physical Distancing

  • In the sanctuary physical distancing of at least 6 feet of congregants of different households will be necessary.

  • Restroom access would be limited to no more than 2 people at a time and that the Healthy Hygiene Practices & Guidelines be followed.

  • Non-Contact Greetings should be adhered to ( Fist bump, elbow bump, toe tap,  ….)

  • Doors will be propped open for entering and exiting

Worship services

  • Announcements will be given by Pastor/Media at service

  • One Offering will be taken with congregants walking around

  • Congregational singing will be suspended

  • Service time will be shortened (approximately 90 minutes)

  • Soloists and Limited choir members will be utilized with proper separation.

  • Children’s Church will be suspended

  • During Altar Prayer all attendees will remain seated

  • Finance office WILL NOT BE USED during service. Offering will be counted in designated safe area after service.


Please note that you will be informed of the specific date when PHASE ONE of the re-opening plan begins. Until then continue to be careful and safe during this period in which we are in.


May God Continue to bless You!!






1404 W. 96th Street

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The church van is available for pick up on Sunday mornings and for special events or other services.  

William “Bill” Henry Dandridge, III is a native of Los Angeles, California. He has an active interest in continuing to grow in his knowledge of the Word through Bible Study classes

Everyone is welcome to attend any and all scheduled services held on Sundays and during the week. The mission of the New Members Class is to present key aspects of Christianity 


The Mission of Holy Light Missionary Baptist Church is to provide refuge and services to improve the well-being of all those in and connected with this Church and the surrounding


The Bible teaches that giving financially to the work of the Lord is a vital part of being a follower of Christ. 


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