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When: Saturday before 1st Sunday


Deacons conduct the caring ministry of the church by:

  • Administering the benevolence work

  • VIsiting the sick

  • Serving Holy Communion

  • Conducting Baptisms

  • Conducting devotions

  • In addition to being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation

All for the purpose of freeing the pastoral staff to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word. We promote unity within the church and facilitate the spread of the gospel.

Deacon: Deacon Rodney Weber (Chairman)


Deaconess assist the Pastor and Deacons with preparing Communion, preparing candidates for Baptism, visit the sick and comfort those in mourning or distress.

Deaconess: Barbara Dixon (President) Open (Vide President)


Deaconess Jeanette Taylor crowned Queen by the Deaconess Board 

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