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When: TBA as Scheduled

Time: TBA

Location: Children's Church

The Children and Youth ministry exists to help those in our care know God and grow to become like His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

… to meet children/youth at their level of development
… to teach them the love of Christ and the joy of His forgiveness and salvation
… to help them learn the truth of His Word
… to encourage their growth within the body of Believers

To accomplish our purpose we seek…

  • To fill their minds with the Word of God so they will grow to think the way God thinks and live the way God has commanded.

  • To establish in children habits of godly living and a daily lifestyle.

  • To create a Christian Community of children and adults who enjoy life together as a family and who are committed to Jesus Christ and to each other.

  • To help them build proper relationships to the authorities in their lives.

  • To help them trust Christ as Savior, to submit to Him and to live as Christian’s at home, at school, at play or wherever they are.

  • To build Christian homes by encouraging families and training them in their tasks.

  • To make each child’s experience at church safe, fun and profitable in the process of growing to become everything God has planned.

  • We value equipping children/youth with Biblical truths in a fun and creative way

  • We value the giftings and the hearts of those who are committed to serve our children/youth.

  • We value a safe place for all of our children: emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • We value our pastors and desire to provide opportunities for our children to know and honor them

  • We value mentoring through relationship and example

Open (Director), Klotonya Hamilton (Asst. Director) 

HLMBC Children
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